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Nov 21, 2023

Today we will discuss the MASSIVE news on Sam Altman and Open AI. Next we will look at the Presidential Election of Pro Bitcoin Libertarian Javier Milei and what the future looks like a liberty across the world awakens!

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00:00 Intro

03:06 The Headlines

04:10 Market Watch, AI Coins Movement

07:49 Sam Altman Ousted from OpenAI

10:35 Worldcoin Drops Double Digits

13:48 Former Twitch CEO Replaces Sam Altman

16:20 AI Coin, TAO Soars to 400%

17:35 Bearish or Bullish on AI?

19:57 Charts with Joshua Jake

23:01 Deezy's AGIX AI Chart

25:21 Javier Milei Wins Argentine Presidential Election

27:00 New Libertarian President on Cryptocurrency

29:41 Javier Milei on Bitcoin, Says Central Bank a Scam

31:46 Bitcoin Fees Rockets to 1400%

34:52 Active Supply of BTC Descends to a Record Low

36:10 Fidelity Jumps Aboard the Spot ETH ETF

37:29 Significance of Account Abstraction in EVM Rollups

39:13 Elizabeth Warren Rants about Surge in Crypto Scams

42:55 Power Struggle Between CFTC and SEC

44:44 DeFi TVL Swells by More Than 25%

46:56 Is Decentralization a Masquerade?

47:57 Synthetix Pumps to 21.8%

49:08 dYdX Suffers $9 Million Insurance Fund Breach

50:16 ETH Exodus

51:55 XRPL Integrates EVM Side Chain

53:36 Confession of an XRP Maximalist

55:41 The Psychology of an AI Researcher

59:16 Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes Movie Review

1:02:13 Q&A


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