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Discover Crypto

Sep 27, 2021

What a week! NFTs are still the hottest thing in crypto right now. That's why we are dropping TWO episodes a week. The NFT space is showing no signs of slowing down! Stay tuned for a brand new NFT project primed to PUMP!

Snoop Dog reveals himself as an NFT whale by doxing his own opensea wallet! 9 crypto PUNKS!!! $17 million in assets! Also John Wall gets called out for a counterfeit nft drop!!

Sol ARMY is a new Solana NFT project dropping. Cool interactive avatar nft that you can change different traits and attributes. Because it was built on the Solana blockchain it is very inexpensive to interact with! Check it out on the 29th of this month.

Ridotto is building a casino on the blockchain. It will be available on both desktop and mobile. They are implementing NFTs with special in game utilities like double earning and play for free. $RDT will be available to the public on Uniswap Thursday the 28th of Sept.

Crypto Demonz are back with an upgrade to their project. V2 Demonz are here! Watch the video to learn more!

And last Penguin Fight Club still has a few Penguins to mint! Be sure to check out their website and grab 1 while they last!