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Discover Crypto

Nov 20, 2023

Jason Brett X -   / regulatoryjason  

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00:00 Where Are We At When it Comes to Policy?

01:26 Bills that are Pushing Through in the House Committee

03:00 Finizen's Conception and Context

05:01 Don't Let Your Kids Put Change in their Mouths

05:55 Why Join the Bitcoin Policy Institute?

08:06 Road Ahead for Us When it Comes to Regional Banks

10:08 Leaving FTIC and Launching Companies

11:03 Will There Be A Financial Downside in the Coming Years?

12:59 Real Examination Into Larger Banks vis-a-vis Housing Pains

14:49 Looking Into Value Technology Foundation

15:49 JP Morgan Acquisition, Working with Joe Lubin

17:00 Outlook on ETFs—Honesty and Reckoning

18:20 Talking Across Party Lines of the Web3 Technology

20:00 Crypto Prediction in the Next 2-3 Years

22:05 Bitcoin as a Force For Good

23:23 What Do We Expect from Our Banks as with Regards to Crypto?

24:24 Get that BTC Off Exchanges

24:38 Vision with Value Technology Foundation for Societies

26:00 Biggest Utility in Crypto as a Whole

27:42 Is Competition Bullish?

28:47 Why China, BRICS are Dealing with Crypto Positively?

31:40 Are We Approaching a Market that's Massively Manipulated?

34:09 Our Ecosystems are Fragile, BUT...

35:39 Check out


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Digital Assets are highly volatile and carry a considerable amount of risk. Only use exchanges for trading digital assets. Never keep your entire portfolio on an exchange.

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