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Discover Crypto

Aug 30, 2021

Once again we are back with another packed NFT Update! The NFT space is moving so fast and NFT Update is a great way to stay in the know with everything NFT related! Avatar projects have continued to make moves as well as some new NFT tech ramping up to take over. Let's check it out!

So many NFT avatars are taking front stage this week! We believe that we found a great avatar dropping this weekend… Crypto Demonz. We suggest checking this one out and maybe scoop one if you like them!

Two other crypto projects that are making big moves in the NFT space are Charge Particles and Chain Guardians. Charge Particles $IONX has some pretty impressive tech behind it and we think it will be a HUGE mover moving forward. Their latest update allows you to charge already minted NFT on Rarible with other ERC assets like other NFTs or tokens like $ETH or $USDT, and set a time unlock that allows owners to unlock those assets at a certain time! Next is Chain Guardians, $CGG is no stranger to the channel. We recently partnered with them on a NFT drop utilizing their NFT mining platform. We have been hearing some VERY interesting things about possible partnerships and investors coming to the project. We feel that Chain Guardians is about to BLOW!